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Golf Equipment > Reviews > Review of Taylor Made Clubs, Rossa Imosa 8 putter, Taylor Made r7 TP irons
Review of Taylor Made Clubs, Rossa Imosa 8 putter, Taylor Made r7 TP irons (16 Jul 2007)
First up is the new Taylor Made Rossa Imosa 8 putter with ASGI+ insert. This putter is one of the best I have ever used and I say that with confidence. It has a really classic blade type of design, and has a charcoal/black finish; very easy on the eyes. The ASGI+ (Anti Skid Groove Insert) System is as innovative as it comes with putters.

The design is meant to reduce skidding off the putter face, leading to a better speed and line. What's that mean. More made putts! How does it do this? The ASGI+ insert has 14 independent and unique grooves that are designed to drive the ball forward and reduce backspin, effectively increasing the true rolling of the ball. I have tested this against three other popular putters, two made by Ping and one made by Odyssey, two putting giants if you've kept up through the years. I can say from personal experience that the Taylor Made Rossa Imosa 8 is by far the best of the three at not only keeping the ball on line, but also being forgiving if you happen to mis hit a putt.

At $110, this would be a steal to add to your bag.Next up are the Taylor Made r7 TP irons.

The 2007 Golf Digest Hot List Editor's Choice, these clubs are aimed at single digit handicappers desiring a high performing club with a mix of characteristics between a blade and a cavity back iron.

Taylor Made does a great job at mixing these two highly sought after characteristics. The tour configured sole design glides across the grass, avoiding harmful digging into the turf. This leads to straighter shots and less tension on the hands and wrists, and joints in general.

The impact is pristine with these clubs, with sweet spot contact sending an incredibly solid feel to your hands. If you've ever played an iron with a less than solid feel, you know how valuable pure contact is. Off center hits seem to keep their distance relatively well for a club aimed at this skill level. You may lose 5-8 yards depending on the severity of the mis hit, but again, for a club that has a blade type design, that is incredible. The workability of blade is still there. I was able to hit fades and draws very easily on cue with these clubs. At $799, you'll find these to be cheaper than any other set in it's category; no question the best value out right now for the low handicapper.

Taylor Made is quickly becoming not only a driver company, but an iron company, a wedge company, a ball company, and in all just an awesome golf company in general.

These r7 TPs had Project X Rifle shafts in them so we're going to check those out as well. The ball gets up quickly with these shafts and flattens out at the apex. There's a nice mid trajectory throughout the ball flight. Even though the ball gets up fast, these shafts have an overall lower trajectory than most I've hit. Sometimes with a cheaper shaft, you'll get a ballooning effect, but I noticed no ballooning at all on these, even when trying to hit high fades.

The smooth non-tapered design claims more energy to the ball. I have to say I really didn't see any increase in distance compared to any other shaft, but I did notice a good difference in spin control. The ball flight has a green holding ability like no other. In my opinion, this is one of the most advanced iron shafts ever conceived. They've got a higher price tag than most you'll run across, but it's well worth the cost for the performance difference you'll notice.

I always say, if you're going to make the investment to buy new clubs, you may as well save up and spend your money on something that is going to benefit you the most, and last you a long time. Don't cheap on out shafts. They can make or break a club head.

That's all for now. I hope to demo the new Burner driver and a few other new iron sets. I would love to get my hands on a Burner driver equipped with a Grafalloy Epic shaft. What a combo that would be!

You can check out the Taylor Made products at Taylor Made Golf
You can find the Project X Rifle shafts at Royal Precision

Until next time, hit em' straight
Fairways, Greens, Pars, and Birdies
Cody Wheeler
PGTAA Class A Master Teaching Professional
Keep an eye on my blog for the occasional free golf tip!


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