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Gofer Story
Shanked a Hole in One -Believe it or Not

Five months ago my brother and law, his friend and I went to play 18 holes at a public NZ golf course in the Hawkes Bay known as Golf Lands.
On this particular day the wind happened to be strong on a number of the exposed holes.
After a few beers along the way and all playing a rather average game we approached the 6th, 107 meter par 3 hole protected by a sand trap and a mound of earth positioned in between the sand trap and the green.
This day the pin just so happened to be in view slightly to the left edge of the mound of earth protecting the green.
 Anyway I teed off first landing my high tee 8 iron shot on the green hidden by the mound and set up for a 8 foot putt. Next up was my brother in laws friend who landed his 9 iron shot even closer for a 5 and a half foot putt. Then the brother in law steps up to the tee, sets himself up and swings....what happens next is golf history for ever imprinted in our minds for the rest of our golfing lives.
As the brother in-law struck the ball he literally sent it on a 30-40 degree low trajectory left of the pin when all of a sudden his golf ball swerved right landing on the fairway halfway between the tee and the green. At this point the brother in-law had already turned his back on his golf ball and cursing every moment of it's flight.
His friend and I kept our eye on the ball while slightly laughing at the result as we saw it head toward the sand trap muttering, 'oh it might end up in the sand trap.'
However the ball hit the left hand lip of the sand trap avoiding the sand completely and threw the ball up high onto left side of the mound of earth which in turn sent the ball tracking toward the pin slightly shifting left and then right. By this stage another golfer from South Africa waiting in line and I were the only two watching the ball and then I saw it stop next to the hole and said 'I think it's a tap in birdie!' when I looked back it had disappeared and then suspected that the ball had fallen into the hole due to the strong wind at the time.
Low and behold when we walked up to the green and looked into the hole, there it was in the bottom of the cup. Golfers could hear us celebrating my brother in-laws success through out the course yet the absolute funny thing about my brother in-laws hole in one is that he didn't even see it and cursed every moment of it until he saw for himself that it was in the hole.
It was one of those unusual moments that cross between hilarious yet spectacular. Nowadays my brother in-law relies on his fellow golfers to explain to others how the hole in one happened. For me it was my first hole in one that I have ever witnessed while playing with friends and for the records my brother in-law has turned his ball into a trophy to inspire all budding golfers that even if you seriously shank a ball, a hole in one is still very much a high possibility.


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