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Gofer Story
572 rounds of golf in five months

U.S.'s most prolific golfer John Furin A Hibbing (USA) man has established himself in the record books as the most prolific golfer in the United States. John Furin set the record for the most rounds of golf in a year, playing 572 times.

What’s especially amazing about his record is that he achieved it in just five months, as the golf season in Hibbing doesn’t last as long as it does in Arizona.

Furin typically begins at 3 a.m., and he sometimes completes 18 holes before the sun rises.

"I'm not standing still too often," Furin jokes.

"I golf with a psychiatrist once in a while, and he told me, ‘John, if you come in, I'll give you a free exam.’"

Furin says he plays golf every day – in the rain, in the dark and even in the snow – because he enjoys it.

“Even the bad rounds,” he says.

Furin golfed 572 rounds last year at the Mesaba Golf Course in Hibbing, and no other golfer even comes close to his record.

In the past year, the 64-year-old hit over 47,000 golf balls during four 18-hole rounds per day.

His heated golf course has logged over 2,000 miles – the distance from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.

"He's a tough man, very tough,” says friend and fellow golfer Dr. Ben Owens.

Furin says he actually gets depressed in the off-season. "It's very depressing, I actually go into a depression that lasts just about all winter,” he says.

His girlfriend of 34 years, Alice Greski, says she supports his enthusiasm for the sport.

"I think it's great,” she says. “He wanted to do it, when he retired he said he wanted to golf, and I said, ‘Go for it.’"

Furin pays the course $1,100 for unlimited play, and at roughly 600 rounds per year, the cost per round is almost free.

"At $1.92, and if I can get more rounds in, they're going to end up having to pay me money," he says.

With such a busy golf schedule, he doesn’t see much of his family during the season, but he says he does get enough national media attention.

"I've had enough of it,” Furin says.

He says he will golf until he is physically unable to do so.

"I hope I can keep it up until I absolutely can't do it anymore, and then I hope after that it doesn't take it very long for it to end completely,” he says.


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